I’m known as B.J. Epstein as well as B.J. Woodstein.


I grew up in Chicago, in the US, and then attended Bryn Mawr College outside Philadelphia, where I gained a bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing.


From there, I moved to Sweden, while also studying for an MFA in fiction at Queens University in Charlotte, in the US. In Sweden, I taught English at a variety of schools and companies, with students who ranged from five years old through to their late 80s. During that time, I published my first book, Ready, Set, Teach!, which is a textbook for use in the English as a foreign language classroom.


I came to the UK to attend Swansea University, where I completed a PhD in translation studies. After that, I moved to Norwich to work at the university, and I am now a senior lecturer in literature and translation at the University of East Anglia.


I love studying and furthering my skills and education, so since starting my academic career, I have also gotten an MA in higher education practice, have become a Senior Fellow in the Higher Education Academy, and have taken a huge range of extra courses, in everything from anatomy to assertiveness, counselling to negotiation skills, mental health first aid to filmmaking, genetics to British Sign Language, and more.


Besides my academic, translation, and writing work, I support individuals and families with birth and breastfeeding. I am also a volunteer on the National Breastfeeding Helpline and with Pregnancy Sickness Support, where I provide peer support for pregnant people who are ill with hyperemesis gravidarum.


I live with my wife and our children and our cats. As a family, we love spending time together.


I feel lucky to have such a stimulating life and career!