Sharing Your Experiences of LGBTQ+ Parenting

If you identify as LGBTQ+ and/or work with LGBTQ+ people and would like to potentially 
have your story, experiences, or advice featured in a forthcoming guidebook about 
LGBTQ+ parenting, on topics such as family creation, pregnancy, birth, and infant 
feeding, I’d be most grateful to hear from you.

You can either simply write to me about your experiences, or you can use the questions 
listed below as a guide to the kinds of things I’m interested in.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2021.


Contact me at with any questions or comments and also to 
send your stories.

If you want to be kept on the mailing list so you can find out when the book is to be published, please let me know. I will not use your personal details for any other purpose.



The information on this page is also available as a download here.       

What to Include

Feel free to write whatever you want and to use your own terminology. 
Possible information could include:

• What is your name? [Feel free to use a pseudonym or initials.]

• How do you identify? [Please note what pronouns and terms you use.]

• What country do you live in? [You may want to note whether this influences your rights or your access to LGBTQ+-friendly healthcare.]

• If you work with LGBTQ+ people, in what capacity do you do this and what has your experience been like? [For example, you may be a doula, midwife, or lactation consultant who has supported LGBTQ+ families.]

• What is your relationship or family set-up?

• How did you make your family or how do you plan to make your family and why? [Examples might include adoption, surrogacy, IVF, reciprocal IVF, known donor, unknown donor, fostering, through an opposite-sex relationship, stepchildren, blended families, poly families, guardianship, etc.]

• How was your child born or how do you plan for your child to be born? [Examples include home birth, hospital birth, C-section, vaginal birth, freebirth, water birth, etc.]

• What was the birth experience like?

• Who was present at the birth and why?

• What was your experience like with any midwives, doulas, doctors, consultants, 
sonographers, lactation consultants, health visitors, and so on?

• How did you feed your baby or do you plan to and why? [Examples include 
breastfeeding or chestfeeding, formula, combi-feeding, donor milk, co-feeding, 
induced lactation, etc.]

• What has worked or not worked for you as an LGBTQ+ individual on your familyplanning and/or parenting journey?

• How do you feel about being an LGBTQ+ parent? Is there an LGBTQ+-specific way 
of parenting?

• What advice would you give to other LGBTQ+ people planning a family?

• What advice would you give to professionals working with LGBTQ+ individuals or families on their family-planning journeys?

• What else would you like to share?

Please be aware of the following:


If you are sending your story to me, this is confirmation that you are consenting to me potentially publishing it. This can be done using your name, initials, a pseudonym, or anonymously, depending on what you prefer. 

Any personal information, such as your name or email address, that you supply will be stored securely and in confidence.


Please note that I reserve the right to use selected quotes or phrases from the information you share with me as would best fit the book.


I will try to respond to each message I receive, but I may unintentionally miss some. Unfortunately, I am unlikely to be able to engage in lengthy correspondence.


Please note that unfortunately there is no payment. I will, however, be very grateful to you for helping to make things better for the next generation of LGBTQ+ parents, and I hope they will too!

Thank you!

Share Your Experiences

Thank you for your contribution!