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  • Sida på svenska | B.J. Woodstein

    Hej! Jag är översättare från svenska till engelska, och ibland även från norska eller danska till engelska. Jag har översatt många olika texter, allt från barnböcker till kokböcker, noveller, dikter, avhandlingar, artiklar, reklamtexter med mera. Jag har till exempel översatt Sara Lundbergs Fågeln i mig flyger vart den vill och David Sundins Boken som inte ville bli läst. Det brukar kosta cirka 1.200 kronor per 1.000 ord, men det beror på texten och hur snabbt översättningen behövs. Förutom att vara översättare är jag även författare, korrekturläsare, docent i litteratur och översättning vid University of East Anglia, och internationellt certifierad amningskonsult (IBCLC) och doula. Kontakta mig gärna för att diskutera hur vi kunde arbeta tillsammans.

  • Editor | B.J. Woodstein

    Editor I have been a professional editor since the mid-1990s. I have worked for many different publishing companies, publications, organisations, literary agencies, universities, individuals, and others. I primarily edit texts in English, but I do also work on Swedish texts, particularly Swedish translations of English works. I love paying close attention to detail and polishing a text, whether that involves clarifying confusing phrases, ensuring the style is consistent, analysing the vocabulary choices, fixing punctuation, or anything else.

  • Birth Doula | B.J. Woodstein

    Birth Doula I trained to be a doula because I had a doula myself for my second birth, and that made all the difference between me feeling impotent and done-to, as I had the first time around, and empowered and strong the second time. I want to help you find the strength and power within you and I want to support you so you can meet your pregnancy, birth, feeding, and parenting goals. I believe that loving, encouraging, and informed support really matters, so I will offer you evidence-based information, a warm and friendly listening ear, and an attention to detail that means that I will focus on your needs and desires. I have extensive experience with both antenatal and postnatal support because I am a trained peer supporter through Pregnancy Sickness Support and also a trained breastfeeding counsellor on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. I have a particular passion for breastfeeding and have myself been a breastfeeding mother for six years and counting now. I also have experience of fertility treatment and would be happy to support individuals/families on their fertility journey. ​ Some of the relevant training I have taken includes: a doula course; a breastfeeding peer support module; a breastfeeding counsellor course; negotiation skills; assertiveness training; counselling skills; stress management skills; courses in anatomy, physiology, genetics, and other science subjects. ​ Feel free to ask for my CV if you would like to know more. ​ Beside my volunteer roles, I work as an academic in literature and translation at the University of East Anglia. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, reading, walking, and swimming. I am originally from Chicago, in the US, and now I live in Norwich with my wife and our two children and two cats. I am a mentored doula, which means I am supported by a more experienced doula, and this in turn is beneficial to you since you in a sense get two doulas for the price of one.

  • Three-Step Rewind | B.J. Woodstein

    Three-Step Rewind Practitioner Three-step rewind is a relaxation and learning strategy that helps you process, reframe, and better cope with a difficult event in your past. This can be about a traumatic event, the ending of a relationship, or grief regarding pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding, or anything challenging. Over the course of two sessions, you go into a relaxed state, review the event, and then change how you view it, distancing yourself from it so it does not have the same hold over you. It is not therapy as such, but rather a way of helping yourself move on from an upsetting/traumatising situation. It is thought that this technique can help release some negative feelings about yourself and your situation and give you a way of reframing it more positively. The first session takes around an hour. The second session is usually shorter, around 30-45 minutes. There will usually be 7 or so days in between the sessions. At the moment, all sessions take place over video call, and you would need to be somewhere you could sit comfortably, undisturbed. It costs £175 total. Trained and accredited by

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