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I have worked as a translator since 2002. I have translated many different texts from Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian to English, and occasionally also from English or Danish to Swedish.


Over the years, I’ve gained experience in translating a range of texts, including menus and cookbooks, user’s manuals, annual reports, financial documents, scientific articles, poems, songs, short stories, novels, books on gardening and art, literary analyses, and much more. I’ve worked for individual customers, translation agencies, organisations, universities, and publishing companies.


In recent years, I have mostly focused on literary fiction and non-fiction. For example, in 2021, my translation of David Sundin's The Book That Did Not Want to Be Read was published in the UK. In 2020, my translation of Sara Lundberg’s illustrated novel was published in North America as The Bird in Me Flies and in the rest of the world as The Bird Within Me, and my translation of Ylva Hillström and Karin Eklund’s Mapping the Invisible was published in Sweden.

Other literary authors whose short stories or poems or novel excerpts I have translated include Mats Kempe, Kristina Sandberg, Edith Södergran, Kerstin Norborg, Johan Jönson, Gunnar Ardelius and Johannes Anyuru.

I have also written many articles about translation and given dozens of academic and popular talks on the subject.


I am a full member of the Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association, Sveriges Facköversättarförening (Swedish Association of Professional Translators), and Översättarcentrum (Translators’ Centre).

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CKG21 Shortlist The Bird Within Me

Also translated by B.J. Woodstein...

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