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I have published dozens of articles, personal essays and book reviews about breastfeeding, birth, parenting and other related topics. In 2022, Praecalrus Press published my book We’re Here! A Practical Guide to Becoming an LGBTQ+ Parent.

Please contact me if you are interested in having me write an article for your magazine, newspaper or website.

Published work includes:

  • Many personal essays in Kveller, PJ Library, The Conversation, The Jewish Chronicle, and other magazines or websites, and in books such as Queer Girls in Class, Getting Bi and Second-Person Queer.

  • Many book reviews in Swedish in Facköversättaren.

  • Many book reviews in English in Wales Arts Review, Mensa Bulletin, among many others.

  • Academic book reviews in Barnboken, The Journal of Specialised Translation, The Journal of Children’s Literature Studies and International Research on Children’s Literature, among others.

  • More than a hundred articles, restaurant reviews, interviews, and encylopedia entries in publications as varied as The Literary Encyclopedia, The Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature, Korean Literature Now, HG and Early Motherhood, The Conversation, The Jewish Chronicle, The Local,, The Independent, Pink News, The Guardian, The Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature, New Statesman, Words Without Borders, Lighthouse, Heritage Florida Jewish News, Thesis Whisperer, Chickpea, Mslexia, Polari, Once Upon a Bookcase, New Writing Net, The Bristol Biennial catalogue, Writer Abroad, For Books’ Sake, In Other Words, Europe and Me, The Danforth Review, Relish, Sally’s Place, Gourmet, Verbatim, Fence, Funds for Writers, Write Away, ESL Magazine, Section 28 Anthology, and Translation Magazine.

  • Regular articles for The Danish Pioneer, Mensa Bulletin, Kveller, The Huffington Post, and ABM: The Magazine of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers.

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