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Birth Doula

I trained to be a doula because I had a doula myself for my second birth, and that made all the difference between me feeling impotent and done-to, as I had the first time around, and empowered and strong the second time. I want to help you find the strength and power within you and I want to support you so you can meet your pregnancy, birth, feeding, and parenting goals.


I believe that loving, encouraging, and informed support really matters, so I will offer you evidence-based information, a warm and friendly listening ear, and an attention to detail that means that I will focus on your needs and desires.


I have extensive experience with both antenatal and postnatal support because I am a trained peer supporter through Pregnancy Sickness Support and also a trained breastfeeding counsellor on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. I have a particular passion for breastfeeding and have myself been a breastfeeding mother for six years and counting now. I also have experience of fertility treatment and would be happy to support individuals/families on their fertility journey.


Some of the relevant training I have taken includes:

  • a doula course;

  • a breastfeeding peer support module;

  • a breastfeeding counsellor course;

  • negotiation skills;

  • assertiveness training;

  • counselling skills;

  • stress management skills;

  • courses in anatomy, physiology, genetics, and other science subjects.

Feel free to ask for my CV if you would like to know more.


Beside my volunteer roles, I work as an academic in literature and translation at the University of East Anglia. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, reading, walking, and swimming. I am originally from Chicago, in the US, and now I live in Norwich with my wife and our two children and two cats.


I am a mentored doula, which means I am supported by a more experienced doula, and this in turn is beneficial to you since you in a sense get two doulas for the price of one.

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