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Three-Step Rewind Practitioner

Three-step rewind is a relaxation and learning strategy that helps you process, reframe, and better cope with a difficult event in your past. This can be about a traumatic event, the ending of a relationship, or grief regarding pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding, or anything challenging. Over the course of two sessions, you go into a relaxed state, review the event, and then change how you view it, distancing yourself from it so it does not have the same hold over you.


It is not therapy as such, but rather a way of helping yourself move on from an upsetting/traumatising situation. It is thought that this technique can help release some negative feelings about yourself and your situation and give you a way of reframing it more positively.


The first session takes around an hour. The second session is usually shorter, around 30-45 minutes. There will usually be 7 or so days in between the sessions.


At the moment, all sessions take place over video call, and you would need to be somewhere you could sit comfortably, undisturbed. It costs £175 total.

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